Meet Our Authors

  1. Heidi von Palleske
    Heidi von Palleske is an actor, an activist, and a writer. Best known for such movies as Dead Ringers, Take the Lead and Ramona, Heidi has also been in countless series including Starhunter and Street Legal. Her work as an activist took on both Canadian and International policy on the use and exportation of asbestos. When described to her as an upward battle of David and Goliath proportions, Heidi replied, "Read to the end of the story and you will find that David won that one!"
  2. Barbara March
    Barbara March is a classical actress, artist and author. In both the U.S. and Canada, her many leading roles include Isabella in Measure for Measure, the Duchess of Malfi, Ruth in Pinter’s Homecoming and especially Lady Macbeth. She has written a play about the Bronte sisters and is currently working on two other novellas, a family saga during WW2 and a mystery set in Oklahoma in 1910. She is perhaps best known as Lursa on Star Trek.
  3. Alan Scarfe
    Alan Scarfe is a well known Canadian actor and director. He was born in England and has had a distinguished fifty-year career in theatres across Canada, the United States and Europe. He has been an Associate Director of Canada's Stratford Festival and the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. He is also a familiar face on film and television. His novels have been published in Italy to critical acclaim and widely read.

Steve DiMarco

Steve DiMarco lives in Toronto, Canada.

Yeah… answers any and all questions you might have about the author, right? Wrong. But that’s all the intel Steve (the only non-pseudonym in this book) said I could share. Me? I wanted to list his extensive past in the film industry as an award-winning director and writer of movies and television shows, along with his checkered and oh soooo gossip-worthy personal history, but NOOOOO!
And can you believe, he actually tried bullying me into not writing a single word of this. Well, Mr. DiMarco, you get no exclamation.