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The Revelation of Jack the Ripper
By Alan Scarfe
How could a perfectly normal, upper-middle-class father and reasonably successful man become the Whitechapel fiend? Why did the carnage begin and why did it stop? Written in Jack's confessional voice, Alan Scarfe's break out novel is both thought provoking and disturbing as it delves deep into the mind of Jack The Ripper. 
"Amongst the finest books on historical crime ever published. I shall read it again and again."
- Christopher Berry-Dee, editor, The New Criminologist
"I confess to having been a murderer only twice in my lifetime. First when Dostoevsky allowed me into the mind of Raskolnikov. Second when Alan Scarfe allowed me into the mind of Jack the Ripper. A candidate for one of the best murder mysteries ever!"
- Warren Allen Smith, author of Who's Who in Hell

"One is continually nodding, 'Yes, that's how it must have happened!'"
- Christopher Michael di Grazia, Ripper Notes

Soon to be available at the TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY
​​The Copper People
By Barbara March
 A suspense horror memoir, The Copper People is a classic story of a woman in a strange land.
A perfect novella that conjures up a secret buried for centuries in a tiny hilltop town in Italy. Rich, seductive and sensory!

Soon to be available at the TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY
They Don't Run Red Trains Anymore
​By Heidi von Palleske
A model walks into a life drawing class and changes the life of a young artist forever. For the first time she understands inspiration, obsession and love. But it comes at a great cost...

"The writing is superior. Not a cliché anywhere. So intelligent in every observation, so much insight in every reflection."

 - Helen Weinzweig, author of Basic Black With Pearls

"Sex, suicide and the nature of art. This is a learned and interesting muse of the nature of art, but grounded with the narrator. Evocative images.

A successful and ambitious piece of work"
   - Writers' Federation Of Nova Scotia

"Wow, what a book! Strange dichotomy. Exciting, it jumps out!"
     - James Bacque, author of Other Losses

Winner of the HR Percy award for best novel manuscript in Eastern Canada

Ontario Arts Council recipient

Toronto Arts Council recipient

Critics' Choice, The Toronto Star 

Excerpts published in POTTERSFIELD PORTFOLIO

Soon to be available at the TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY